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User experience covers all the interactions someone has with your company or organisation. These include interactions with your software, your website, your apps, your advertisements, your Twitter or Facebook accounts and your call centre, as well as with you personally over email or face-to-face. The sum total of all these interactions over time is their user experience.


User experience research

The research process is about fully understanding your business, your market, your customers and the overall goals and expectations of the project.



It’s during the analysis we turn the findings from our research into actionable and shareable insights and use them to inform the concepting and design phases.



During the strategy we work with you to agree the strategy for the experience, establishing a definition and set of experience principles we want to achieve to inform the design and development process.



During the design we take all the business requirements, constraints and insights from our research and design and use them to create solutions.



Scoping & project management

At Gok Pro Studio, we have an experienced and qualified team of project managers who work closely with you to collaboratively deliver projects to brief, timeline, and budget.
We understand that each project and client is different with varying needs and goals; therefore, we work with you to choose the project management methodology which best fits your project and business goals.


Project scoping
Scoping a project is the starting point of project planning where we work closely with our clients to establish and document project goals, deliverables, features, functions, tasks, deadlines, and ultimately, costs.

In order for Gok Pro Studio to accurately scope a project, we will work with you to define a detailed brief which encapsulates all of the requirements.

If the project requires, we may need to enter into a discovery phase where we spend time with key stakeholders determining the project requirements and even delivering some elements of work to help us further determine project needs and requirements.

Once we have worked with you to define the requirements, we will be in a position to recommend the best solution for your project and deliver a Statement of Work with costs, deliverables, and timelines.

This statement of work sets the expectations of all parties so you can understand what we’re creating for you, and our practitioners fully understand your goals and needs.



Our website solutions are creative, functional and highly engaging. We bring clarity and simplicity to this complex discipline and keep at the forefront of the key technologies and trends that direct the online world.
As a result, our solutions integrate with the ever-growing landscape of social networking tools and embrace the interactive. Our websites deliver an outstanding online presence and achieve proven commercial results.

A platform-agnostic agency, we always use the most appropriate technology for every project we work on. We work on WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, and Magento platforms.

Choosing the right platform depends on a variety of factors: existing site, multilingual, multi-domain, eCommerce store, content driven, user content, and other factors.

At Gok Pro Studio, we work with our clients’ core requirements and provide our experience in platforms to provide a suitable recommendation on the platform that will best fulfill the clients’ needs now, and will scale with the client as they grow.


eCommerce platforms

Finding the right eCommerce solution depends on what you’re selling, the behavior of your customers, and the frequency with which you’re updating products.
We use a number of solutions and ensure we select the right one to suit your business needs.

Below, we reviewed the main platforms we use and list the benefits and drawbacks for you to consider.

There’s lots of information here and we’re aware some of it can be confusing. Feel free to get in touch, and we can walk you through the best solution for you.


Hosting & maintenance

Managed hosting
Our business depends on a reliable hosting infrastructure and easy switching from development to live sites. And we make sure your sites have the same support and security.

We’ve been hosting our own websites, content managed solutions and web applications for a while. Building and maintaining websites as part of a profit-making business means that we depend on the reliability of our hosting infrastructure and the easy switching from development to live sites.

We employ certified systems engineers who work closely with our web developers to keep each other informed of changing requirements, and ensure our hosting and development methods evolve accordingly. We offer a fully managed hosting solution that includes complete support for the code we write, ensuring your site is live. If anything goes wrong, we are always on hand. So if your site goes down, just get in touch and we’ll help.



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